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ALN - Additional Learning Needs

Many children experience difficulties in learning and mastering basic skills. These can range from difficulties in one specific area to more general learning difficulties and delays.   At Peter Lea we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school where children of differing abilities work, socialise and grow together. 

Class teachers 'differentiate' or set work at appropriate levels for the children in his or her own class but some children will require extra support from the class teacher or a member of the ALN ('Additional Learning Needs') team. This support may be individual or delivered in a small group. 

If a child requires extra support, he or she will be given an IEP ('Individual Education Plan')  or IBP ('Individual Behaviour Plan') containing specific targets focused upon his or her particular difficulties.  These are communicated to parents and reviewed termly.  The school's 'Additional Learning Needs Register' is a list of all children with IEPs and IBPs throughout the school.  A child may be included in the ALN register for one or two terms, until sufficient progress in the area of difficulty has been made, or for the whole of his or her school career, as necessary.

As a parent, if you have a concern about your child's educational progress, you should speak to the class teacher in the first instance - Parents' Evenings are an ideal time to do this.   The class teacher will be able to discuss the issue with the school's SENCO ('Special Needs Co-ordinator')   before the best way forward is decided upon, in partnership with parents.

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